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A message from Acts 19:23-41 about one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, and how a Jew from Tarsus rendered it obsolete. How? By the proclamation of a message about a fundamentally distinct way of satisfying the human thirst.

There are two kinds of people: those who worship what is true, and those who worship what they want to be true. Luuk discusses the independent sources corroborating the facts around Acts 18:1-17. Furthermore, he discusses 3 groups of people that respond to the gospel. These 3 groups of people still exist today, yet only one group has the power to both find true sacredness and to anchor this sacredness in objective truth.

Apologetics and Truth Jan. 25, 2017
Is it OK to doubt Jesus? Rob and Luuk join forces against a group of middle schoolers. They discuss the importance of apologetics, what it means, and the solemn task each Christian faces to be an apologist to his/her generation. Luuk challenges them to stop stalking Jesus, and Rob gives an overview of the uniqueness of the Bible. Is it OK to doubt Jesus? Listen, and found out!

Acts 16:25-40 - Rob discusses the story of the Philippian Jailer. Learn about the history of Philippi and the importance of having an open hand to the plans of God in your life. The book of Acts provides a powerful overview of the wonderful providence of God on the one hand, but also of the accurate historicity of the early spread of Christianity.
As a windmill depends on the wind, so mankind depends on God
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