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Do you need to have Blind Faith to be a Christian?

Apologetics for Christianity

Apologetics for Christianity

That is what many folks believe. They are under the - false - impression that science, archaeology and centuries of scholarship have destroyed the foundations of Christianity. They reason there is no longer the need for a Creator, since evolution explains our existence. They believe, that the texts of the Bible have been corrupted over the centuries and its stories have been discredited by recent archaeological discoveries. 

Did not the recent best-seller and Hollywood block-buster the DaVinci Code reveal that Jesus was secretly married to Mary Magdalene and they even had children together?

And did the Discovery Channel not air a documentary in March 2007 by James Cameron that "The Lost Tomb of Jesus" and Mary Magdalene had been unearthed? So much for a resurrection.

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Nothing is further from the Truth!

We publish short articles at about Christian Apologetics and Evidences, some of our recent postings are:
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Discoveries in our generation show more clearly than ever before, the hand of God in the world around us. Some illustrations:

  • Yes, there are many, many solar systems in our universe, but the required conditions for life are so restrictive that Earth is probably the only planet where any life would be possible. 

  • The more we learn about living cells, the more molecular biologists are puzzled how life could have ever started by chance. 

  • And even if that would be possible, genetics has revealed the unlikelihood of numerous beneficial genetic mutations required for life forms to evolve.

  • More advanced scholarship, combined with archaeological data, have increased our understanding and comfort level with the Scriptures.

  • And even though Jesus' resurrection happened almost 2,000 years ago in an obscure corner of the Roman empire, objective analysis of the facts and circumstances reveal the truth of this historical event.

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Christian Apologetics

Nothing is further from the Truth!

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Apologetics for Christianity

Apologetics for Christianity

I was! I have spent the last 7 years studying and sharing about the amazing evidences for the truth of Christianity. On this website you will find a treasure trove of information from numerous disciplines and sometimes quite unexpected sources. Please browse around. Read the information and weigh for your yourself. Let us be the presenter, and you be the jury. We only ask an open mind and an honest verdict!

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Windmill Ministries  is a Christian apologetics ministry that equips believers and challenges skeptics through the sharing of evidence for the foundations of the Christian faith.

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Christian Apologetics and Evidences


Christian Apologetics and Evidences


Christianity is grounded in facts and evidence, both historical and scientific. Its claims about God, God’s creation, God’s plan of redemption, the Bible, the ministry, miracles and above all – the resurrection of Jesus can be objectively verified through evidences by studying astronomy, physics, molecular biology and genetics, archaeology, history, the Bible and ancient non-Biblical documents. These claims are not merely imposed as “truth” by one person through some revelation. Therefore Christianity (and Judaism) stands on a foundation of evidence completely different from other religions. In comparison, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and all the other religions of the world largely rely upon a revelation to one “prophet.” This prophet subsequently writes a book of his revelations, which becomes the “bible” on which the faith of his followers rests.

Jesus taught his apostles, who after His resurrection took the gospel message throughout the world. That message is still spread by Christians today. Unlike the approach of most other religions, non-believers are invited to hear the Word, assess the evidence themselves and by exercising their free will, choose to become (and remain) a believer. Unlike Islam, Christianity does not try to insulate its believers against the influence of other religions; rather it trains its followers to distinguish the evidence between true and false teachings. To do this the Christian believer must research and challenge, then verify and assess these first principles, the basic truths of the faith. A Christian needs to make up one’s own mind about this. As a Christian do not accept something as true just because someone tells you so. Accept only those truths that YOU, after careful consideration, believe to be TRUTH. 

The study of the evidences for the Christian faith is called Christian Apologetics. The word apologetics comes from the Greek απολογία (“apologia,” which means a verbal defense, answer, or reply). Therefore, Christian apologetics deals with all critics who oppose or question the revelation of God in Christ and the Bible. Christian apologetics includes complex subjects such as Biblical manuscript transmission, philosophy, biology, mathematics, evolution, and logic. Christian apologetics can also consist of simple answers to questions about Jesus or a Bible passage.

It is important to approach these questions and issues related to Christian apologetics with an open mind. Try to be objective and judge the information in such a manner. It is essential in apologetics to seek to avoid the bias of preconceived ideas. Presume innocence until guilt is proved. In Christian apologetics, position yourself to be the jury in a trial and insist upon objective evidence. Remember that the faith of a Christian is not afraid of open, honest inquiry; no truth fears investigation.

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Christian Apologetics and Truth

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6     The Historical Reliability of the Bible

7    The Testimony of Non-Christian Writers

8     Can We Trust the Witnesses?

Is Jesus God?

1     Can We Prove that Jesus is God?

2     Lord, Liar or Lunatic

3     Miracles, Signs of Divine Power

4     Fulfillment of Messianic Prophecies  

5     Did the Resurrection Really Happen?

Is the Bible Inspired by God?

1     Can We Prove that the Bible is Inspired by God?

2     Scientific Revelations in the Bible

3     Fulfilled Prophecies - Foretelling the Future

4     Unity of the Bible: The Plan of Redemption  

5     Other Evidences for Divine Inspiration

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