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Perhaps Your Atheism is Obsolete

Windmill Ministries
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My oldest daughters are 3-year-old identical twins, Suzy and Elsie. They have blue eyes, and Suzy has a blond superman curl that goes right over her forehead and would put Clark Kent to shame. She is the lover; Elsie is the fighter. Suzy has a soft heart, but this isn’t a soft world.

Suzy will learn to ride her bike and fall, and I’ll bandage her wounds. One day she might back my car into my house; I’ll fix the siding, and probably live with that dent. But I can’t fix Suzy’s world. I can’t still a voice inside her, and us.

It’s a yearning for true justice.
It’s an aching for things to be put right.

Yet this world can’t be bandaged or undented. The scholar N.T. Wright says Christians believe that in Jesus of Nazareth the voice that we thought we heard became human and lived and died as one of us [1]. Jesus taught us that this world doesn’t need a bandage or a remedy. It needs a resurrection. Christianity is true because of the event, person, aftermath, and explanation of the resurrection.

1) The resurrection was a historical event supported by early witnesses. Virtually no New Testament scholar denies that Paul, Peter, and James had experiences of the risen Jesus [2].
2) Jesus was unique. His claims to divinity are unprecedented [3]. The earliest sources that we have ascribe divinity to Jesus and describe him in divine terms. One who received worship, calms storms, forgives Jesus. To deny this is to be ill-informed. To affirm it is to ask the Jesus question: who do you say He is?

3) The resurrection explains the origin of Christianity. I can’t emphasize it enough. Every day we believe extraordinary claims on less than extraordinary evidence. A stranger winds the lottery. The odds are astronomical. All we need to be convinced is a single ticket, a piece of paper. The resurrection provides so much more than a winning ticket. It alone explains, grounds, begins, and justifies the most significant movements in world.

4) Naturalistic explanations don’t even begin to touch it. I’ve covered the event, the person, the aftermath, and the explanation of the resurrection. What’s your reason for rejecting the resurrection of Jesus?

If the resurrection is true – if its true – then atheism, perhaps your atheism, is obsolete.

[1] N.T. Wright, "Simply Christian" (New York: Harper-Collins, 2006), 3.
[2] Gary Habermas, "The Risen Jesus and Future Hope" (Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2003), 26-27. The skeptical scholar E.P. Sanders writes, "That Jesus’ followers (and later Paul) had resurrection experiences is, in my judgment, a fact. What the reality was that gave rise to the experiences I do not know." E. P. Sanders, "The Historical Figure of Jesus." Penguin, 1993. Epilogue: the resurrection. p. 276–281.
[3] Recommended reading: Kenneth Samples, "God Among Sages: Why Jesus is Not Just Another Religious Leader" (Baker Books, 2017).

High Christology in Non-Johannine Writings

Windmill Ministries
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The resurrection was the confirmation of claims that Jesus had made subtly but, in my view, undeniably throughout his ministry.
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