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The Argument from Desire w/ Dr. Peter Kreeft 1/06/2017
How our desires point to God: an interview of Dr. Peter Kreeft by Luuk van de Weghe about the Argument from Desire.
"If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world."
– C.S. Lewis

How the unity of the Bible points to a divine Author - The Bible is a collection of 66 books: law poetry, history, and narrative, written by over 40 men, on 3 different continents, over a 1500-year period, in 3 languages. Yet the Bible is a single story with a main theme that runs from its beginning to its end. The Old Testament prefigures the New Testament, while the New Testament fulfills the Old. Ken Craig reflects on the incredible nature of this consistent theme in this interview by Luuk van de Weghe.

As the 1970s came to a close, Phil Fernandes was a Marine, a boxer, and a skeptic.
Today, he is a Christian scholar, apologist, and pastor.
What changed? In his own words...

Hans Vodder interviews Phil Fernandes in this advanced apologetics episode. They cover significant questions such as, "what is evangelicalism, and how does it relate to inerrancy?" "How might Michael Licona's views on the genre of the gospels impact the perspicuity of scripture?" If you're well-versed in these issues, this episode is for you! And if you're not, this is an invitation to get acquainted.

The Moral Argument w/ Hans Vodder
1) WLC's Version - Common Misunderstandings

Recommended reading on the moral argument:
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Erik Wielenberg at and also /thinkatheist/2012/07/16/episode-67-dr-erik-wielenberg-jul-15-2012.

As a windmill depends on the wind, so mankind depends on God
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