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I Heard the Stories Many Times

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I Heard the Stories Many Times

“But because Jesus lives forever, He has a permanent priesthood. Therefore is able to save completely those who come to God through Him, because He always lives to intercede for them.”
Hebrews 7:24
I heard the stories many times
The stories of Jesus and His love
Over and over I heard the same lines
Speaking of wonders from above
But, it was for them and not for me
Because God was so far, far away
Back then he was there for all to see
But not now, no… not for me… today

Sometimes I thought I felt him close to me
Sometimes I thought I heard His call
But that was just me ‘daydreaming again’ you see
Because God was not here at all
Oh! I kept on wondering how it would have been
To have Him with me every day
And all the miracles I could have seen
But… Jesus did not stay

He left me here on earth alone
Without telling me why
And the world felt cold as stone
But still…I knew it was not all a lie
Because Jesus was in Heaven above
And I would meet Him there one day
En then I could ask Him about His love
And why He could not stay

My heart grew lonely, sad and cold
With emptiness I could not fill
Even with things like money and gold
My heart kept quiet and still
And then one day I cried to God above:
“Oh Lord! I need you here and now!!
My heart is longing for your love
Please, can’t you come back somehow?”
O, that day! The most glorious day of all
He came down from Heaven just for me…
I couldn’t believe He heard my call!
But that day I saw Jesus in a friend you see
A friend who shared with me God’s love
And helped me find my Jesus…not just high above
She said that He was here for me today
And how He had been waiting all these years
How He would come if I was willing just to pray
To fill my emptiness and take away my tears….

So I prayed and yes! Jesus came
And filled my lonely heart
And now I forever will praise His name
Knowing that we will never be apart
So I hope that you will tell YOUR story
To friends that know his just by name
That they will find in YOU the living Jesus and His glory
Because when you share, their lives will be like mine:
It will never be the same…
As a windmill depends on the wind, so mankind depends on God
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